Archangel Workshop - Angelic Celestial Colours

Archangel Workshop - Angelic Celestial Colours


Start time: Saturday 10:00 (24 June)
End time: Sunday 17:00 (25 June)


The Archangels are here!!
Bookings now open for my very first Archangel Workshop to be held in Dublin on June 24th and 25th.
Details below - bookings to be made to Syma at A deposit of £55 is required to secure your place.

A two day immersion into the Angelic kingdom covering 7 amazing Archangels who are particularly linked to the work of Archangel Metatron & Sandalphon and who step forward to guide us now collectively on this planet.
Led by Amanda Ellis an International Angel Teacher and clear channel to the higher realms. Focussing on:

- Archangel Michael - Protector, Purveyor of Truth and Righteousness

- Archangel Gabriel - Messenger Bringer

- Archangel Chamuel - Relationship Harmoniser and Love Bringer

- Archangel Zadkiel - Transmutation of Negativity, Toxicity

- Archangel Jophiel - Joy, Positivity

- Archangel Raphael - Physical and Emotional Healing

- Archangel Uriel - Illumination of Ideas, Wisdom and Light bringer

Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon will also be present holding the space, overseeing the whole weekend and I am sure stepping in from time to time too! This however is not a course dedicated to their energy as this is fully covered in Metatron Level 1 and 2 already online and available elsewhere.

Come and learn and experience:

• Beautiful guided meditations

• Integration of the teaching from each Archangel

• Learn about the colour ray each one is connected to

• Let each Archangel help heal and bestow their gifts to you via Guided Visualisation, Channelling, healing techniques and Amanda’s teaching

• Have a go at channelling and / or holding the energy of the Archangels

• Learn how to connect to them – what is their sign to you that they are around?

• Find out which one you resonate with the most – it may not be the one you first imagine!

• Understand how they all work together under Archangel Metatrons care

• Receive upgraded energy into your 12 point chakra system to harness your light body.

• Using Colour, Sound, Crystals, Mandalas and specially designed Archangel Sprays to connect and deeply experience all 7 Archangels.

• Amanda’s NEW handmade Archangel Sprays will be available to purchase at the weekend which have been designed especially for this course, and are launched this weekend.

Conducted in the beautiful surroundings of The Grand Hotel Malahide, which is beside the sea and also close to Dublin Airport and the M1/M50 motorways.

Price is £222 – payable in instalments if needed.

• Includes Tea & Coffee through the day
• Manual and meditations (these sent to you after the course via email audio link to keep)
• 10-5pm each day

Deposit of £55 secures your place.

New Archangel Sprays normally £14.99 each will be on special workshop price of £11 each.

Email Syma or Maz at to secure your booking

Overnight accommodation can be booked directly with the hotel or to book alternative accommodation, we would recommend using the following websites - or Both sites have excellent maps, reviews and pictures of the accommodation.

Hope to see you there for what will be a magical weekend where all 7 Archangels come together to help heal you, bestow their love and wisdom and help create some magic in all our lives.

Amanda Ellis is a respected International Spiritual Guide and Teacher from the UK. She helps those who want to connect to and understand Angelic and Celestial energy and is a leading Ascension Guide in constant demand for her wisdom and insights. She is also a very experienced Healer and Colour Therapist, the creator of the Metatron Healing sprays, and a new Archangel Metatron Oracle deck soon to be published in 2017. She is also a mother who prides herself on family life as well as a grounded practical approach to spirituality. She has a worldwide following and this will be her first time in Dublin – a strong calling to come and be with any who wish to attend.

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