Bards In The Woods - Gillighan's World, Co. Sligo.

Bards In The Woods - Gillighan's World, Co. Sligo.


Start time: Sunday 14:00 (06 August)
End time: Sunday 17:00 (06 August)


Our 'Lunasadh' event!

Another different location for Bards In The Woods.
Gillighan's World is a fun small theme park
focused on faeries, the sidhe, and nature mythology.

There are trees, picnic places, performing space, fairy forts and cairn, and you could buy an ice cream here.

- good google map and directions asap
- €8 per person admission,
- also please bring something for a shared picnic

- optional hike up Knocknashee 2 pm
- meet at car park 2 pm prompt, no waiting this time
- then meet at the 'Rainbow Tea Rooms' 3 pm
- then off to performance area for poetry etc.
- then to shared picnic at the fairy ring
- bring favourite poem, story to share
- plenty of time after picnic to explore the gardens
info, late, lost - text/call 086 208 2873