Community Chant

Community Chant


Start time: Friday 20:00 (02 February)
End time: Friday 23:00 (02 February)


POSTPONED - Start date TBC
Community Chant has been set up by Olive MacDonagh in association with Mullingar Charity Variety Group to encourage community togetherness and create a space for healing energy, fun, love, community spirit, music, singing, movement and relaxation.

Benefits may be to reduce stress and anxiety, promote health and wellbeing in addition to many other positive outcomes.

There will be tea and coffee after so that people who would like to can stay and connect with other like minded individuals.

EVERYONE is welcome to this Community Chant to try out something new and see how they like it.

No skill or previous experience required!


NO COMMITMENT - come whenever suits!

So what is Chant?

A repeated rhythmic phrase, typically sung in unison by a group.

Singing from the Soul <3

Using breath, repitition of words, sound and sometimes movement to create and shift energy in the body to energise heal and promote positive transformation of our inner selves.

Breath is a fundamental tool in Yoga promoting health and vitality, opening the range and creativity of the emotions, controling the moods, developing concentration and promoting a feeling of connectedness. Breath, the pranayam, is the life force expansion of the body and is connected to all thoughts and emotions. The breath and word have an intimate relationship.

The science of sound:

To vibrate prefectly requires a combination of Shakti (power of precision and discipline in the repetition) and Bhakti (feeling of surrender and devotion). Using Rhythm, projection of prana from the purity of your soul from the navel point and pronunciation (using the tongue and meridian points).

Mantra (Man=Mind Trang=Wave or projection)
Mantras are formulas that alter the patterns of the mind and the chemistry of the brain. The power of mantra is in its sound vibration. The mantras used in Kundalini yoga elevate or modify consciousness through their meaning and rhythmical repitition.

Mantras are not associated with religion but are the heritage of humankind and very useful tools for healing, transformation and enlightenment.

Naad, the essence of all sound is the vibrational harmony through which the infinite can be experienced.

Shabd is the sound current or vibration that dissolves the part of the ego which obstructs the truth and prevents us from perceiving and acting from our true and authentic selves.

Anahat (inner silence) is that state in which your nervous system vibrates the mantra without your conscious effort, the mantra is attuned to the infinite.

Community Chant is led by Olive MacDonagh who teaches Kundalini Yoga under her spiritual name (Amrit Sevak Kaur). Olive has led many retreats and meditations over the last number of years. She discovered this passion on her own healing journey and wants to share the enjoyment and benefits with her local community.