HANDS ON TRAUMA with Katherine Ukleja,4 day post grad BCST in Galway

HANDS ON TRAUMA with Katherine Ukleja,4 day post grad BCST in Galway


Start time: Wednesday 09:30 (04 October)
End time: Saturday 18:00 (07 October)


, Galway



‘Trauma is Treated in the Body, Not the Mind’
Peter Levine, author of Waking the Tiger and In An Unspoken Voice
This workshop, for experienced cranial practitioners, enfolds Peter Levine’s profound understanding of trauma and its effect on the body into cranial practice. Trauma results from overwhelming life experiences raging from difficult births, car accidents or even essential surgery to domestic violence and the horrors of war. These experiences are stored in the body and chronically alter the function of our nervous system. As cranial practitioners we have the unique ability to palpate traumatic activation in the body. To quote Sutherland, ‘finger-seeing is the only possibility for reading diagnostic messages from the body’. With training we can learn to distinguish the felt sense of hyper-arousal and of freeze. This allows cranial practitioners to work subtly with the body memories of overwhelming experiences which often underlie anxiety states as well as condition like chronic fatigue and depression.

‘Trauma is a highly activated incomplete biological response to threat, frozen in time. Trauma is physiological.’ Peter Levine

The four key areas that we will cover are:

The physiology of stress, overwhelm and trauma
Self-regulation: an essential skill for practitioners working with traumatised clients, self-regulation is the ability to recognise and effectively manage our own activation when our clients’ trauma histories arise during treatment sessions.
Hyper-arousal and Emotional flooding. Anxiety, panic attacks, restlessness, insomnia, irritability - these symptoms may all indicate an underlying state of Autonomic Nervous System activation; a defensive state where the body is constantly geared up for fight or flight. In the workshop we will learn how to help down regulate chronic sympathetic activation.

Freeze and Dissociation. Life-threatening events and overpowering events in infancy may result in dissociation and fragmentation. Clients will present with low energy, poor motivation, poor concentration and depression. Our focus will be on ‘hidden’ parts of the body and how to help clients come back to into body awareness and mobilize frozen energy.