In-depth Technical North Donegal Wrecks - Week 2

In-depth Technical North Donegal Wrecks - Week 2


Start time: Saturday 20:00 (01 July)
End time: Friday 23:00 (07 July)


The two weeks that are available in North Donegal for next summer are:

3rd - 9th June (Included) Saturday to Friday
1st - 7th July (Included) Saturday to Friday

Diving will be based on the Laura-Dean (11m Catamaran with divers lift)

The cost of the weeks diving will be €800euro, which will cover all diving and the boat surcharges. The only extra will be the B&B, will be €40 per night. Gases/lime and cylinder rental can all be arranged if necessary. The trip is open to both CCR and OC divers.

CCR Training can also be made available for anyone who is interested with prior arrangement.

Wreck targets mostly be wrecks in the 60m to 72m range. We will likely get a day or two on the deeper wrecks (75m to 85m) if you are happy and we have the weather.

HMS Audacious 64m
U89 62m
SS Athenia 62m
SS Pinto 66m
U-2511 (67 m)
SS Empire Heritage 66m
HMS Justicia 72m
HMS Hurst Castle 86m
HMS Viknor 86m
At the moment, I just need a Yes/No (In the next week) and a €200 euros deposit to secure your place.
I can send on my account details once I get a confirmation of your interest.
The balance of the diving cost can be paid in instalments in January/April and May or in one payment.

If you have any queries, please feel free to message me. Also, if you know anyone else who may be interested, please pass on my details.

Chat soon,