Mindfulness Training for Business Dundalk

Mindfulness Training for Business Dundalk


Start time: Wednesday 10:00 (16 August)
End time: Wednesday 13:00 (23 August)


, Dundalk


Introducing Mindfulness in the Workplace
Course Overview:
This course provides delegates with the basics of Mindfulness that they can implement into their workplace, helping them bring balance, contentment and calmness into their daily lives.
The 6 hour programme involves meditation practice and breathing techniques (sitting in chairs).

Course Discusses
Day 1 - 3 hours

* Introduction to mindfulness
* Understanding how the mind creates stress – impact of stress
* Focusing the mind on positive actions/thinking
* Mindful communication skills – awareness of self and co-workers behaviours

Day 2 – 3 hours

* Mindful time management – task focus – efficiency – increase productivity
* Mindfulness in daily work-life – enjoying work tasks and the work day - positive thinking
* Building resilience, coping techniques, managing stress

Who should attend?
* Anyone who wants to enjoy their work and life more, engage more positively with daily life, reduce anxiety, stress, pressure and be able to have coping mechanisms

What are the benefits?
* Improvements to physical and mental health
* An increased ability to be resilient and manage stress
* Higher productivity and reduced sickness absence levels, among other things.
* Decreased in blame culture, improved working relationships, improved moral
Duration: 6 hours – delivered in 2 x 3 hours sessions
Costing: Individual Training €230 +VAT per person