Events around Hill Of Tara

Venezuelan Party Dublin 2017

Venezuelan Party Dublin 2017

Friday 20:00 (07 July)
Latin Fever, Dublin

Beginners Class with Tanya Ross

Beginners Class with Tanya Ross

Saturday 10:00 (08 July)
Sweet Republic, Dublin

All Ireland Rally for Life

All Ireland Rally for Life

Saturday 14:00 (01 July)
Dublin, Dublin

LookLeft Forum: 'The Future of Public Housing in Ireland'

LookLeft Forum: "The Future of Public Housing in Ireland"

Monday 00:00 (01 January)
Wynns Hotel Dublin, Dublin

Open House Dublin 2017

Open House Dublin 2017

Friday 09:00 (13 October)
Irish Architecture Foundation, Dublin

WASP 'ReIdolized' Tour - Academy, Dublin - 19th October 2017

WASP 'ReIdolized' Tour - Academy, Dublin - 19th October 2017

Thursday 19:00 (19 October)
The Academy, Dublin

KULT - The Academy - Dublin 22 września 2017

KULT - The Academy - Dublin 22 września 2017

Friday 18:00 (22 September)
The Academy, Dublin

Anathema - Academy, Dublin - 24th September 2017

Anathema - Academy, Dublin - 24th September 2017

Sunday 19:00 (24 September)
The Academy, Dublin

Summer Solstice Hill of Tara

Summer Solstice Hill of Tara


Start time: Wednesday 20:00 (21 June)
End time: Wednesday 21:00 (21 June)


Hill Of Tara
hill of tara navan co meath, Navan


You are warmly invited to gather with us at Teach Miodhchuarta , The Banqueting Hall, Hill of Tara, for our 5th annual Peace Gong Ceremony.

This year we are aiding the Tara Skyrne Preservation Group's fundraisng efforts to raise money for a memorial stone in honour of all those whose sacred burial places were destroyed during the construction of the M3 Motorway through the Tara Skryne Valley.
Celtic Shamanic Ceremony and Ritual to open
Drum Circle
Healing Circle
Gong Bath
Closing Ceremony.

The Opening Ceremony will include prayers for Peace in our land and across the world. This will be followed by a group Drum Circle. If you have a drum or rattle you are invited to join in :)

Those who wish to come forward for healing will gather next for a Healing Circle within the Gong area, Those who are sending healing and those who are just observing will circle around them, and the whole group will then be bathed in the healing vibration of the Gongs.

We will finish with a minutes silence to honour the Ancestors and for Peace, before closing the circle in Celtic Shamanic ritual.

Please bring something to sit/lie on and a warm blanket.

All your hosts, as always, are freely donating their time and energy to make this event a success. This is the first time the event has been used to raise money, and I'm sure you will agree, it is a worthy cause. You are kindly asked to donate a minimum €5.00 towards this year's fundraising efforts. 100% of money raised will go to TSPG. Thank you,

Looking forward to seeing you there <3

Your hosts:

Andrea Nelson and Debra Hoyle, Sacred Sound Studio NI
Benedykt Grabowski and Dawid Kwasniewicz, Kings of the Wind
Brigid Ann Mcguire, Universal Sounds
Caitriona Hicks and Martin Stanek, Sound Journeys
Carmel Diviney, Celtic School of Sound Healing
Krisztina Drogoman, Healing through Sound
Lisa McLoughlin and Brian Gunning, Sound Henge Ireland
Melanie Walsh, Sídhe Sound Healing
Rishi Naad, Ogham Sound
Sharon Quigley, The Druid's Cave

No alcohol
No smoking
No children running around. This is a serious ceremony and people will be in meditative states. Parents will be asked to leave if they are not supervising their children.
Anyone with health issues eg. fitted with a heart pacemaker, also any pregnant women, should sit away from the gongs at a safe distance. The vibrational field generated by so many gongs is deeply penetrating to the cellular level and will be very strong. Likewise people with quiet babies are welcome to attend but to sit well back.
Leave no rubbish behind.
Thank you for your co-operation.
Event Photo thanks to Conor Clements from last year's ceremony.